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Breaking Free Session 10

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 10
Today is our last group discussion for Breaking Free by Beth Moore. My prayer for each of you is that this study has changed and enriched your lives, as you worked through all ten weeks of study and found freedom in breaking free from your strongholds. Many women have experienced freedom. Some women have stumbled and stopped in their tracks, in bondage to fear of moving forward. They will most likely attempt the study again when their hearts are willing to open to a full recovery. For those women who completed the study, we learned about the splendor of God’s beauty and how we radiate that beauty once we break free. When we radiate His beauty, we wear His crown. We are Daughters of the King!
While we are at the end of the study, the journey is just beginning. This is when we begin to walk in our new found freedom, and share that with others so that they may walk in freedom with the Lord as well. Beth cautioned us to be careful of our attitude in this situation. Others may fight against what we tell them. We should never push, but pray for their “want to.” Only God can change their hearts and desire to listen as He did ours. This was the first thing Beth reminded us of.
The second is that we are warriors. We do not need to fear flesh and blood, for our battle is with Satan, and it is already won by Christ’s death on the cross. Christ defeated Satan because He knew we never could on our own. We have freedom in Christ! The third thing that Beth reminds us of is that we are brides. God loves us, and has set us as brides for Himself. Remember a wedding that you have been to. How did the groom look at his bride from a human’s perspective? Imagine how much more love God looks at us with. It is infinite! When fear begins to consume you, go to Him, and remember how very much He loves you. Picture in your mind Christ looking at you as His bride. We cannot even begin to imagine that type of love, but we will one day experience it firsthand.
Beth ended by urging all of us to make a covenant with God. I urge you to do the same thing. Know that even when you fall, Christ is there to allow you to tie yourself back on. He will never turn His back or let you down. Walk in the freedom of His love. Walk in the calling that God has placed on your life; there can be no greater journey or joy found outside of this. I have enjoyed these past eleven weeks, and pray that God will continue to bless each of you on this journey.
May you be blessed in His Presence, reflecting His glory and His love inside you…to everyone that you encounter. Freed from captivity, may you share your plunder with others and witness His love in you. Beloved, may you KNOW the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- as you walk upon this earth in freedom. Put on your crown, straighten your back, and walk like a Daughter of the King.
Beth gives some suggests how you can witness His love to others. Please think about those women you can invite to Bible study, online or in your home. This is just one of many studies we will complete. Together we will grow and build God’s kingdom.
As Daughters of the King, we feel your love, accept your discipline and know your commands. Our heart’s desire is to share this with others, and to shout with praise your wonderful name. Shower us with your blessings as we reach out to others with the greatness of your love. Amen.
Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1.  What might the peace of God in the soul of a person look like at its most beautiful moment? When does peace become an eye-catching display of God’s splendor? (page 232)
  2. Think about a time when obedience to God was momentarily not much fun. Describe the situation. (page 232)
  3. Have you ever experienced weariness as the result of spiritual warfare? Describe the experience.
  4. Have you ever experienced renewed strength in God? Describe the experience.
  5. How did God speak to you through this Bible study? Is there anything major that has been imprinted on your heart?
Walk in freedom…a precious daughter of the King.

Breaking Free Session 9

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 9
Welcome back to our women’s online bible study of Breaking Free Updated Edition by Beth Moore. Last week we studied the heart and in week nine Beth Moore focuses on the mind. In Matthew 22:37, Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ It’s a little challenging to love, if your mind is a battlefield! This week Beth teaches us a 5-step process for battling strongholds. She encourages you to resist shortcuts and complete the daily lessons, beginning to end, in order to benefit most from the week nine study. If you fall behind, that’s just fine, as long as you work through each lesson and don’t give up. If you are just following along reading the blog posts, you are NOT going to get the full benefits of this study. You must do the Breaking Free group study in order to understand what we are experiencing in our online Bible study.
We continue our study of the mind and captivity from strongholds. As Beth says “I’ve learned to dramatically increase my prayer life and time in God’s Word during times when my security is threatened.” We often call on prayer warriors for courage, as we face fear and insecurity. Yet God wants us to turn to Him and call on Him. Neglecting God during crisis, explodes our fear and confusion, when we need Him most. Are you surrendering to Him with your precious fears and insecurity?
At week nine of Breaking Free you may be feeling like the princess in this photo! In God’s book, the princess story has a happy ending as she breaks free from strongholds of captivity as she sets her thoughts on God. Week nine’s lesson was so important and life-changing; it’s worth reading twice if you did not “get it” the first time. Step by step, we are learning to walk the battlefield and we are breaking into freedom. Beth Moore uses visual diagrams and images to help us understand the methods of removing strongholds from our lives. In today’s lesson, we see the truth and learn the skills to re-wallpaper our lives. When we are living in TRUTH we are set free from our captivity. Every lesson this week has been richly filled with knowledge and power to fight strongholds. Each lesson has been important to the next and each lesson has been powerful. Are you still breaking free, releasing strongholds and experiencing God’s amazing and forgiving love for you?
Assignment For the Week
  • Read Session Ten homework
  • Listen to Audio or Video Session Ten (optional due to cost)
Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1. Are you still waiting to see the first signs of fruit from a previous valley? If so, can you think of ways God could use the lapse of time to bring forth an even greater harvest? (page 196)
  2. Have you experienced temptations and troubling thoughts on the mind when all is quiet and dark? What have you learned from your own victory or defeat? (page 197)
  3. Can you think of an excuse or rationalization that no longer has power over you? Explain. (page 199)
  4. What do you see as the difference between casual thoughts and captivating thoughts? (page 202)
  5. Why do you think we tend to avoid dealing with the high places in our lives? What do you think could happen in our lives and possibly the next generation if we also neglect casting down our high places (strongholds)? (page 204)

Breaking Free Session 8

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 8
Welcome back to bible study, as we discuss week eight of Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It seems like a perfect time to study unfailing love, after completing the past seven weeks of study. This week we’re learning about matters of the heart, from a Biblical perspective. As we looked at Psalm 136 verse by verse, we found evidence of God’s unfailing love.
As humans, we spend much of our lives focused on unfailing love. As children we learn feel the love of our parents, some experiencing healthy parental love while others feel the disappointment of conditional love from their parents. Some children even experience the abandonment of parental love, a deep and lasting hurt and an unhealthy state-of-mind for the child. As adults, we spend much of our lives focused on finding the perfect mate, loving with passion and deep satisfaction from a marriage relationship. Some adults continue to experience lasting marital love, while others find a change in direction or a love that has failed them. Yet, God’s unfailing love endures forever. We learned about the difference between human love and God’s love. Beth Moore shares five ways that God deals with our rebellion. And we discover that through it all, God’s love for us will endure forever. His sweet, unyielding love-no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been.
We also learned this week that when you KNOW you are filled with the Spirit and you want to share that feeling with others. Being filled with the Spirit is different than experiencing compassion. Living a Spirit-filled life is about strength, confidence and a faith-not shaken by our circumstances. Spirit-filled people talk to strangers, help others without expecting a payout in return, and focus on others, not themselves. Spirit-filled people know that life is not about their deeds, but about God’s good work in them. Are you a Spirit-filled person? If you are walking with the Spirit, you KNOW it. If you are not a Spirit-filled person, then today is the day to become one.
This lesson has been painful for me, after witnessing the failure of human love, while simultaneously studying about God’s love-all from the perspective of a child! We’re so close to breaking free..I can feel it in my heart and soul! Let’s finish this journey together.
Assignment For the Week Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1. What things do you fear the most? Rewrite Romans 8:38-39 with your own words by completing this sentence: For I am convinced that neither….. (insert your fears)… will separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (page 174)
  2. How would you explain the difference between God’s love and human love, even at its best? Share some examples of how God’s love differs. (page 176)
  3. What was your longest length of internment in rebellion from God? In retrospect, can you see ways He was constantly wooing you back to Himself? (page 180)
  4. Can you think of a time you were suddenly awash with the magnitude of God’s love for you personally? Describe it. (page 183)
  5. Complete this sentence: A child who believes he or she is loved…. (page 189)
  6. Complete this sentence: A child who does NOT believe he or she is loved…. (page 189)

Breaking Free Session 7

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 7
Welcome to week seven of women’s bible study as we study Breaking Free by Beth Moore. This week we learned how God desires to change us from the inside out, renewing our minds and mending our broken hearts. He wants us free from the strongholds weighing us down. It’s time to release self-destructive thoughts, behaviors and relationships and embrace a heart centered on Christ. We need to stop confusing our roles and assuming we’re the potter and God is the clay! For too long we’ve been the work of our own hands and a worldview…now it’s time to relax in the hands of Our Father. The more we yield to God’s will for us, the more freedom we find.
Many of us have lived as rebellious daughters. We acted like children of the world instead of a Daughter of the King. We listened to the instructions of others instead of listening to God’s word. We were disillusioned by our reflections in the mirror instead of looking inside our hearts. We relied on oppression and lived with guilt and shame instead of embracing the crown of forgiveness. We adopted a language of deceit to cover our true selves and even encouraged others to join us in our lies. We ran from God on a prodigal journey….only to discover darkness without Him.
Through our exhaustion and oppression, we finally reached a place in our lives where we craved the Light. We wanted to know the Jesus of our youth and the God who forgives. We wanted a relationship with our Lord and when we came home, He embraced us with all his might. We took off the crown of shame and replaced it with the crown of Grace. In our ugliness, God found our beauty and we are His. Never again can the enemy steal our identity and never again will we walk the path of rebellion from a Father we truly love.
The journey to freedom is found in scripture and through a relationship with God. When we spend time with Him, study scripture and pray over His words….we discover a childlike love for Him. He’s unlike any earthly father we will ever know. “Obedience does not mean sinlessness but confession and repentance when we sin,” writes Beth. Being human means we will sin while being Christ-like means we’ll confess and repent and keep ourselves pure in heart. We live God’s will here on earth for as long as He allows us to breathe. We demonstrate His love in us through our words and behaviors. We honor Him when we reflect His beauty and shine His light from within.
“Do not allow the enemy, our accuser, another success at using your past record against you,” writes Beth Moore. God is doing a new thing in you. I repeat: God is doing a new thing in you. You are a prisoner set free.
Assignment For the Week
  • Read Session Eight homework
  • Listen to Audio Session Nine or Video Session Nine (optional due to cost)
Group Discussion- Answer with your small group or post a comment below
  1. Why do you think we are sometimes resistant to what is best for us? (page 156)
  2. Have you sometimes experienced defeat because you refused to calm yourself in the presence of God and trust Him? Share an example.(page 157)
  3. In your own words, describe what happens if we continue in rebellion, rejecting God’s Word, relying on oppression, and depending on deceit. (page 158)
  4. Share an example of how you can experience freedom in one part of your life while still in bondage in another. (page 160)
  5. Do you have authority problems? How convinced are you that you can allow God full authority in all areas of your life? (page 164)
  6. What is your biggest temptation when you don’t feel that God is illuminating your way clearly? (page 169)

Breaking Free Session 6

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 6
Welcome back to our study, as we celebrate a new beginning. At the end of the Breaking Free Bible study, you will not be the same woman you were when you started the study six weeks ago. You are breaking free! In our sixth week of Breaking Free, Updated Edition by Beth Moore, we’re finding beauty from the ashes. We learned about the impact of Satan in the lives of modern women and how this impact can lead to strongholds and bondage. Beth Moore writes “Satan desires to have women in a stronghold of exploitation, sexploitation, distortion and desolation. He knows how effective and influential women can be so he works through society to convince us we are so much less than we are.”
Many of us are in spiritual bondage as a result of societal influence. Note that God’s intent in Isaiah 61:3 is to bestow on you a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. Are you wearing these, and if not, are you participating in this Bible study to regain your crown of beauty, oil of gladness and garment of praise? The roaring lion prowls around us as we mature from our childhood dreams into our womanhood roles. He knows when we’re going to fall, and God waits for us to return to restoration. As Beth says “Satan wants to destroy our dreams. God wants to surpass our dreams.”
This week we looked at the four key desires we had as young girls: to be a bride, to be beautiful, to be a Mommy and to live happily ever after. Many women have experienced motherhood through natural birth or adoption. We know other women who are unable to birth children or decide not to become mothers. As children claiming “I want to be when I grow up…” we expressed our wishes to live a particular lifestyle and then as adult women we find that lifestyle may have changed. When we consider why most little girls want to be a mommy when they grow up, we see that many desire to teach, love and nurture others. God shows us this is possible even if you are not a mother, and Beth emphasises the spiritual calling to lead and guide younger women to be spiritual daughters of the King.
This week, Beth discussed excess and emptiness. Too often we seek to fill our lives with stuff. It can even seem like good “stuff.” When we use ministry, volunteering, work, and relationships to escape the relationship that matters, we can fall into bondage. Only the Holy Spirit can fill us up. Only He can get in the cracks and make us whole. When we seek it elsewhere, it becomes misplaced worship, and eventually, idols that replace God as our number one. Even ministry can become an idol. We must surrender our lives to Him, and do what He calls us to do for His glory. Nothing should ever be done for our own reasons. That is when the risk of idolatry steps up. Surrender yourself to Him, let Him fill you up. Then, do His work instead of yours. That is when you will begin to experience true freedom, for it is only found in Christ.
Let’s end this week by claiming our crown. Please fill in your name in the following scripture verse from Isaiah 61:3 NIV
Bestow on (your name) a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
Give (your name) the oil of gladness instead of mourning,
and garment (your name) with praise instead of a spirit of despair.
Wonderful Father, as we started this study with the past effects of strongholds and bondage, we seek breaking free and resolve to find our true self-created to wear the crown of beauty, oil of gladness and garment of praise. We turn to you Lord in prayer and in petition, committed one-hundred-percent to breaking free from strongholds and bondage. For we know our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but a struggle against the spiritual forces of evil and we are removing those strongholds that bind us to the enemy. We come to your table prepared to wear the crown as we continue to learn and grow in faith. Amen.
Assignment For the Week
  • Read Session Seven homework
  • Listen to Audio Session Eight or Video Session Eight (optional due to cost)
Group Discussion- Answer the questions below or with your small group
  1. What are some examples of the demoralization of women in our society? (page 129)
  2.  Think of the implications of the term “bride.” What are a few things the word “bride” implies that the word “wife” may not? (page 133)
  3.  What is your present basis for defining how you look? If you begin to allow Christ to become your mirror, what would you do different to take care of yourself?
  4. Who is someone you are absolutely certain loves you? What are a few ways you know this? (page 138)
  5. Have you ever received something you desperately wanted but still felt an unsatisfied longing you couldn’t identify? Explain. (page 141)
  6. What has God done in your life that has exceeded anything you had seen, heard, or imagined? (page 144)


Breaking Free Session 5

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 5
As we study Breaking Free, The Journey by Beth Moore, we’re now half-way through our bible study lessons.  This week we focus on how Jesus ministers the brokenhearted. We learn about the flaming arrow and God’s precise aim as he pierces our hearts. We learn about binding wounds that are hemorrhaging. I thought about the wife who’s husband has an affair, the obvious broken heart, and the resulting hemorrhaging. Or the Mom who tragically lost her son and the unbearable grief she suffers.  Life is about suffering and pain. God is about what we do with the suffering and the pain, allowing Him to heal our wounds, or drowning in our sorrows.
This week as we study hurts and betrayal, we’re removing the bandages (or duct tape) and allowing the Father to heal. Give yourself a gift of solitude, alone with your homework, and allow time for His presence as you break free. For those not participating in the Bible study and reading the post because of past hurt, continue reading the article. If you find healing and comfort in the words, then join the study or contact your women’s ministry at your local church and seek healing. Let’s clarify that childhood abuse is not only physical, but also includes emotional abuse or neglect. While there are various degrees of child abuse from mild to severe, in each case the spirit of an innocent child is deeply wounded and the child wears the badge of hurt throughout her adult life. You’ll see hurt by destructive behaviors-such as alcohol or drug addiction, gambling or sexual addiction, eating disorders, depression, and many other physical signs of her childhood abuse. What you cannot see is the spiritual wound, because she hides in shame from God and from herself.
In Breaking Free by Beth Moore, we’re peeling away the bandages that cover her shame. These bandages include:
  • cycle of shame
  • veil of fear
  • heart of stone
  • voice of anger
  • will to control
Her unbearable shame leads her to the darkest corners of her life. She’s trapped in the four corners of a hard cold wall, shutting her heart to pain, unable to release it, fearing more abuse and shame. She is terrified of her past, fearful of her abuser, and angry at the abandonment of her security. Many women live their adult lives with this burden of shame, a spiritual bondage and yolk she is unable to break.  She explodes in anger, she cries in hurt. She medicates with anti-depressants, food or addictive behaviors. She struggles with the one question that bleeds inside her heart: Why Me? As a child, her only answer is “I deserve it. I did something to cause this. I must be my fault.” Her heart is broken by childhood abuse and she is to ashamed to seek God’s presence and comfort. Her badge of shame removes her from the safety of her church, the pages of her Bible or the fellowship with other Christian women.  Her spouse doesn’t want to hear it, her family continues to deny it, and her heart continues to deteriorate in the unyielding pain. Christ hurts too. Christ has accompanied this child from the abuse, through her walk of shame, and into her journey of restoration and healing. He knows what happened, he saw her pain, and he waits for her with His arms open. He knows it was not her fault. Christ hurts when children hurt. She is safe in the arms of Jesus and a father she trusts, God. She seeks Him diligently…and without shame. He restores her soul (Psalm 23)
Our week five study seems long and exhausting, because we’re reaching into our reserves for the courage and strength to deal with broken hearts wounded in childhood.  Lesson One brought us right to the heart, lesson Two peeled open childhood wounds and lesson three examines a mending of these wounds. From these spiritual truths comes an opportunity to mend from past victimization and find glory in the presence of Jesus. We learn that some level of child victimization will probably continue throughout the world and we find the source of the abuse stems from Satan, the prowling lion, seeking his prey. Once abused in childhood, the enemy knows his opportunity exists to shame, punish, degrade and isolate us. We turn towards self-medicating sins, such as promiscuity, addictions, affairs, and scandalous behaviors. The trap has been set for us by our abuser and captivity is reinforced throughout our adult life. Satan takes us captive to to his will, not God’s. Until now, as we participate in Breaking Free and seek freedom from our captivity!
When we face betrayal, we assume that something must be wrong with us. We blame ourselves and isolate ourselves from further hurt. Jesus was betrayed by Judas and the disciples fled. A perfect son of God, tempted by Satan, walking in obedience and fear of the Lord, was deserted by HIS friends. Jesus did not respond with anger, temper tantrums or gossip-he responded with love and understanding for God’s perfect will. Next time you face betrayal, don’t turn towards self-analysis, destructive habits or bondage. Look up, at Father God, and seek glory and peace in His Presence. You always have One True Friend-Jesus.
Assignment For the Week Group Discussion- Answer one question or as many as you like
  1. What was your most memorable heartbreak in childhood? Please do not share anything you want to keep private.
  2. Why do you believe child victimization will continue to occur in our world? (page 113)
  3. Have you ever faced a season where you seemed to face one loss after another? When and what was involved? (page 121)
  4. How do you think the loss of faith can turn into a form of bondage? (page 122)

Breaking Free Session 4

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 4
When Beth Moore asked “how does God want you to respond to what he showed you today?” this was one persons’ written response: “I feel utterly nauseous, tight chest, numbness, pain in my stomach, clenched teeth and physical pain. I’m feeling instant depression and sadness and I have this strong desire to run away and hide.” After writing this I pushed through my discomfort and broke free from generational bondage. I suspect a few of you are noticing similar feelings of discomfort, while others decided to close the book and keep inside your comfort zone.
Change is not comfortable…yet if you do so through prayer and with Jesus beside you, you’ll be thankful when you complete the journey and break free. Don’t hide in your emotions, your addictions or your past. See yourself as God sees you and experience freedom in Christ.
Many of the ruins have been in your family generation for a long time. Satan has been using these ruins to hold your family hostage and keep them from a full relationship with Christ. Did you find any of these while digging into your family archives?
  • Alcoholism
  • Addiction
  • Racism
  • Aggression
  • Abuse
  • Sexual Immorality
  • Affair
  •  Lust
  • Pornography
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Materialism
  • Self-centerless
  • Divorce
  • Abandonment
  • Theft
  • Lying
  • Anger
  • Resentment
What other ruins are missing from this list? Post a comment in small group and share what you found while digging around your family tree and tending to the garden. Beth reminds us to purposely seek generational strongholds or they will become so familiar to us that we no longer recognize them in ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. Be the one to break the negative cycles in your family and pass on new values based on Christ. You need to be the change in your generational line.
Satan uses family weakness and generational sin to hold us in captivity. If you don’t recognize and acknowledge the bondage, how can your family ever be set free? What bondage are you passing on to your children and grandchildren? It’s time to re-construct the family tree and sow seeds for the Fruit of the Spirit to thrive. “Accept God’s appointment as a reconstruction worker,” advises Beth Moore.
Assignment For the Week Group Discussion- Answer below or in your small groups this week
  1. What might be a right reason or attitude for looking back at family history, and what would be a wrong reason? (page 80)
  2. On page 81 Beth Moore says that many of us carry the chains of bondage from pure habit, lack of awareness or lack of Biblical knowledge. Of these three, which most likely keeps you in bondage?
  3. What did you discover after completing the family diagram on page 82 in your workbook? Did you uncover any generational bondage? Do not share anything that you want to keep private.
  4. What behavior might you see in your life that you disliked in your parents or grandparents? Do not share anything that you want to keep private. (page 88)
  5. Knowing that Satan’s priority is to create generational bondage in the life of a Christian, what are you willing to do in your own life to protect future generations of your family?


Breaking Free Session 2 & 3

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 2
Welcome back to Bible study, as we discuss week two from Breaking Free by Beth Moore. This week we examined the five primary benefits God extends to His children. Beth writes “the absence of any one benefit will become a very helpful indicator of captivity.”  The purpose in recognizing the benefits is to become aware of any captivity in your life. Beth Moore says as “A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life of God planned for her.” When you are lacking in one or more of the five benefits, you’re probably in captivity and it’s time to break free.
Recognize that breaking free is not always easy, and you can expect some pushing and pulling from Satan as he clings to his captives. He’s not letting go without a fight and the longer your captivity, the harder you’ll feel spiritual warfare. Wouldn’t you agree that knowing God, believing God, finding satisfaction in God, glorifying God, experiencing God’s peace and enjoying God’s presence are all WORTH fighting for?
Are you revealing God’s glory to others, or are you revealing the shame and worry Satan has placed upon your back? As you continue the journey to break free, you’ll reclaim the five benefits from being a Daughter of the King. Your journey does not begin and end in one or two bible lessons; it’s a process over time. Stay with us…even when the ride gets uncomfortable or Satan whispers “the study is too hard, you don’t have the time, it’s just too much for you.” Stay the course and know freedom from captivity.
So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.  And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 8:1-2 NLT
Beth reminds us that as you grow in spiritual maturity, Christ is more recognizable in you. You must be honest with God and with yourself to make this journey. Surrender your thoughts and feelings to God. You can’t duct-tape your past, put a bandage over the wounds and expect to know full joy and peace through Christ in you. It’s time for all captives to be set free and know the joy of living with the peace of God, who surpasses all human understanding. Phil 4:7 NIV
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NIV
Prepare your hearts and minds for the joy of God’s presence. Through Breaking Free with Beth Moore, you will notice a new mindset and attitude towards your past and your future. Your commitment and participation are essential to this journey.
If you’re struggling please feel free to contact Ashley Mease. Don’t think for one minute that your answers don’t matter! They are important to this study and we all learn from one another. I know you can do better this time…so please post a comment below and join the group discussion!
Assignment For The Week Group Discussion- Answer with your online small group or post a comment here
  1. Can you think of anything you worked hard to attain that ultimately failed to bring about the satisfaction you were expecting? Explain. (page 41 )
  2. How do you know when you are spiritually hungry or thirsty? Explain.
  3. Can you think of a time when you sensed God’s presence the clearest? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )
  4. Can you think of a time in your Christian life when you could not sense God’s presence at all? What were the circumstances? (page 50 )
 Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 3
Welcome to our third week of women’s online bible study as we study Breaking Free by Beth Moore. Last week we learned about the five primary benefits God extends to His children. This week we learned about obstacles in our path to freedom. This is the major point in our Breaking Free study where the enemy wants you to sway, turn back and leave the obstacles in your path. He’ll tempt you to judge others, sometimes even the book author or the scripture itself. The goal of the enemy is to throw you off course and take away your glory with God. God wants to do a mighty work in your life, don’t let the enemy get a foothold. (Beth Moore) This may be the most challenging week yet. We’re looking in the mirror and facing our obstacles. Resist the temptation to run away and hide in your busyness. When the study becomes uncomfortable, spend more time with God, not less.
We looked at unbelief as the first obstacle, when Beth reminds us there is a purpose in illness, and unbelief makes it difficult to accept His purpose. I’ve personally seen Gods’ glory as well as His absence. From a world perspective, it makes no sense and from a spiritual perspective, it’s a necessity. Its events such as these that keep us flowing back and forth on the belief diagram. A child is healed from leukemia; my certainty of belief exceeds all expectations. A baby dies from the same illness a few months later, and I see my confidence wavering. Back and forth, this constant struggle between belief and unbelief is exhausting! Seeing friends lose a child to illness, hearing stories about breast cancer, and knowing that autism is epidemic-I tilt my eyes to the Lord and whisper “why.” My visual perception is limited by my presence here on earth. In scripture, we learn that Jesus uses simple words to translate this worldview to a spiritual view. What do we gain by unbelief? Depression, lost hope, sadness, self-destruction or spiritual death? Giving our life to the enemy of destruction, instead of living our life in God’s full Glory?
I’m not going to discuss religious attire, religious rituals, religious sacraments, religious icons, etc. in this study. Doing so is simply an open invitation for legalism and in an effort to defend my thoughts; I would become prey to it. Unbelief, pride, idolatry, prayerlessness and legalism are obstacles to true intimacy with our King. It’s time to Break Free.
This week we examined the five obstacles which hinder our relationship with God: unbelief, pride, idolatry, prayerlessness and legalism. Each of these is a big boulder we carry inside our hearts, weighing us down and distorting our vision of God. It took many years for these obstacles to attach themselves to our hearts….and in our bible study with Beth Moore we will break free from at least one of these. Like each of you, I’m praying for the Lord to reveal the clogged arteries of my spiritual heart. I think I’ve found a new one…because it keeps appearing and I am easily convicted about this issue. How about you…which of these obstacles are weighing you down:
What obstacle do you need to remove?
UnbeliefPrideIdolatryPrayerlessnessLegalismI'm not sure

As I am completing this study again, I realize I need to examine my heart like a surgeon looking for blockage. Certain there are more obstacles to remove; I am blessed in my journey because I’m walking it with you. Please post a comment below and share your story. What matters to God matters to me…and I enjoy hearing from you individually.

Assignment For the Week Group Discussion- Answer here or in your small groups
  1. Which of the 5 obstacles have you battled in your past? (unbelief, pride, legalism, prayerlessness, idolatry)
  2. Which of the 5 obstacles do you struggle with right now? (unbelief, pride, legalism, prayerlessness, idolatry)
  3. Has dissatisfaction ever led you to discover Christ in a new and satisfying way? When? (page 65 )
  4. Can you think of a time when God was trying to lead you to find fullness in Him but you settled for something less? Describe what happened. (page 66 )
  5. How can a student of God’s Word squeeze the enjoyment out of her Christian walk by replacing relationship with legalism? (page 73 )
  6. On page 69 on the workbook, Beth Moore walked us through an exercise where we took a scripture verse and turned it from a positive into a negative, in order to see the opposite effect. What did you think about this approach to scripture?
Please post your comments below…we all learn when we share together.
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