Breaking Free Session 10

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 10
Today is our last group discussion for Breaking Free by Beth Moore. My prayer for each of you is that this study has changed and enriched your lives, as you worked through all ten weeks of study and found freedom in breaking free from your strongholds. Many women have experienced freedom. Some women have stumbled and stopped in their tracks, in bondage to fear of moving forward. They will most likely attempt the study again when their hearts are willing to open to a full recovery. For those women who completed the study, we learned about the splendor of God’s beauty and how we radiate that beauty once we break free. When we radiate His beauty, we wear His crown. We are Daughters of the King!
While we are at the end of the study, the journey is just beginning. This is when we begin to walk in our new found freedom, and share that with others so that they may walk in freedom with the Lord as well. Beth cautioned us to be careful of our attitude in this situation. Others may fight against what we tell them. We should never push, but pray for their “want to.” Only God can change their hearts and desire to listen as He did ours. This was the first thing Beth reminded us of.
The second is that we are warriors. We do not need to fear flesh and blood, for our battle is with Satan, and it is already won by Christ’s death on the cross. Christ defeated Satan because He knew we never could on our own. We have freedom in Christ! The third thing that Beth reminds us of is that we are brides. God loves us, and has set us as brides for Himself. Remember a wedding that you have been to. How did the groom look at his bride from a human’s perspective? Imagine how much more love God looks at us with. It is infinite! When fear begins to consume you, go to Him, and remember how very much He loves you. Picture in your mind Christ looking at you as His bride. We cannot even begin to imagine that type of love, but we will one day experience it firsthand.
Beth ended by urging all of us to make a covenant with God. I urge you to do the same thing. Know that even when you fall, Christ is there to allow you to tie yourself back on. He will never turn His back or let you down. Walk in the freedom of His love. Walk in the calling that God has placed on your life; there can be no greater journey or joy found outside of this. I have enjoyed these past eleven weeks, and pray that God will continue to bless each of you on this journey.
May you be blessed in His Presence, reflecting His glory and His love inside you…to everyone that you encounter. Freed from captivity, may you share your plunder with others and witness His love in you. Beloved, may you KNOW the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit- as you walk upon this earth in freedom. Put on your crown, straighten your back, and walk like a Daughter of the King.
Beth gives some suggests how you can witness His love to others. Please think about those women you can invite to Bible study, online or in your home. This is just one of many studies we will complete. Together we will grow and build God’s kingdom.
As Daughters of the King, we feel your love, accept your discipline and know your commands. Our heart’s desire is to share this with others, and to shout with praise your wonderful name. Shower us with your blessings as we reach out to others with the greatness of your love. Amen.
Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1.  What might the peace of God in the soul of a person look like at its most beautiful moment? When does peace become an eye-catching display of God’s splendor? (page 232)
  2. Think about a time when obedience to God was momentarily not much fun. Describe the situation. (page 232)
  3. Have you ever experienced weariness as the result of spiritual warfare? Describe the experience.
  4. Have you ever experienced renewed strength in God? Describe the experience.
  5. How did God speak to you through this Bible study? Is there anything major that has been imprinted on your heart?
Walk in freedom…a precious daughter of the King.