Breaking Free Session 7

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 7
Welcome to week seven of women’s bible study as we study Breaking Free by Beth Moore. This week we learned how God desires to change us from the inside out, renewing our minds and mending our broken hearts. He wants us free from the strongholds weighing us down. It’s time to release self-destructive thoughts, behaviors and relationships and embrace a heart centered on Christ. We need to stop confusing our roles and assuming we’re the potter and God is the clay! For too long we’ve been the work of our own hands and a worldview…now it’s time to relax in the hands of Our Father. The more we yield to God’s will for us, the more freedom we find.
Many of us have lived as rebellious daughters. We acted like children of the world instead of a Daughter of the King. We listened to the instructions of others instead of listening to God’s word. We were disillusioned by our reflections in the mirror instead of looking inside our hearts. We relied on oppression and lived with guilt and shame instead of embracing the crown of forgiveness. We adopted a language of deceit to cover our true selves and even encouraged others to join us in our lies. We ran from God on a prodigal journey….only to discover darkness without Him.
Through our exhaustion and oppression, we finally reached a place in our lives where we craved the Light. We wanted to know the Jesus of our youth and the God who forgives. We wanted a relationship with our Lord and when we came home, He embraced us with all his might. We took off the crown of shame and replaced it with the crown of Grace. In our ugliness, God found our beauty and we are His. Never again can the enemy steal our identity and never again will we walk the path of rebellion from a Father we truly love.
The journey to freedom is found in scripture and through a relationship with God. When we spend time with Him, study scripture and pray over His words….we discover a childlike love for Him. He’s unlike any earthly father we will ever know. “Obedience does not mean sinlessness but confession and repentance when we sin,” writes Beth. Being human means we will sin while being Christ-like means we’ll confess and repent and keep ourselves pure in heart. We live God’s will here on earth for as long as He allows us to breathe. We demonstrate His love in us through our words and behaviors. We honor Him when we reflect His beauty and shine His light from within.
“Do not allow the enemy, our accuser, another success at using your past record against you,” writes Beth Moore. God is doing a new thing in you. I repeat: God is doing a new thing in you. You are a prisoner set free.
Assignment For the Week
  • Read Session Eight homework
  • Listen to Audio Session Nine or Video Session Nine (optional due to cost)
Group Discussion- Answer with your small group or post a comment below
  1. Why do you think we are sometimes resistant to what is best for us? (page 156)
  2. Have you sometimes experienced defeat because you refused to calm yourself in the presence of God and trust Him? Share an example.(page 157)
  3. In your own words, describe what happens if we continue in rebellion, rejecting God’s Word, relying on oppression, and depending on deceit. (page 158)
  4. Share an example of how you can experience freedom in one part of your life while still in bondage in another. (page 160)
  5. Do you have authority problems? How convinced are you that you can allow God full authority in all areas of your life? (page 164)
  6. What is your biggest temptation when you don’t feel that God is illuminating your way clearly? (page 169)


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