Breaking Free Session 8

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 8
Welcome back to bible study, as we discuss week eight of Breaking Free by Beth Moore. It seems like a perfect time to study unfailing love, after completing the past seven weeks of study. This week we’re learning about matters of the heart, from a Biblical perspective. As we looked at Psalm 136 verse by verse, we found evidence of God’s unfailing love.
As humans, we spend much of our lives focused on unfailing love. As children we learn feel the love of our parents, some experiencing healthy parental love while others feel the disappointment of conditional love from their parents. Some children even experience the abandonment of parental love, a deep and lasting hurt and an unhealthy state-of-mind for the child. As adults, we spend much of our lives focused on finding the perfect mate, loving with passion and deep satisfaction from a marriage relationship. Some adults continue to experience lasting marital love, while others find a change in direction or a love that has failed them. Yet, God’s unfailing love endures forever. We learned about the difference between human love and God’s love. Beth Moore shares five ways that God deals with our rebellion. And we discover that through it all, God’s love for us will endure forever. His sweet, unyielding love-no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been.
We also learned this week that when you KNOW you are filled with the Spirit and you want to share that feeling with others. Being filled with the Spirit is different than experiencing compassion. Living a Spirit-filled life is about strength, confidence and a faith-not shaken by our circumstances. Spirit-filled people talk to strangers, help others without expecting a payout in return, and focus on others, not themselves. Spirit-filled people know that life is not about their deeds, but about God’s good work in them. Are you a Spirit-filled person? If you are walking with the Spirit, you KNOW it. If you are not a Spirit-filled person, then today is the day to become one.
This lesson has been painful for me, after witnessing the failure of human love, while simultaneously studying about God’s love-all from the perspective of a child! We’re so close to breaking free..I can feel it in my heart and soul! Let’s finish this journey together.
Assignment For the Week Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1. What things do you fear the most? Rewrite Romans 8:38-39 with your own words by completing this sentence: For I am convinced that neither….. (insert your fears)… will separate me from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (page 174)
  2. How would you explain the difference between God’s love and human love, even at its best? Share some examples of how God’s love differs. (page 176)
  3. What was your longest length of internment in rebellion from God? In retrospect, can you see ways He was constantly wooing you back to Himself? (page 180)
  4. Can you think of a time you were suddenly awash with the magnitude of God’s love for you personally? Describe it. (page 183)
  5. Complete this sentence: A child who believes he or she is loved…. (page 189)
  6. Complete this sentence: A child who does NOT believe he or she is loved…. (page 189)


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