Breaking Free Session 9

Breaking Free Online Bible Study | Week 9
Welcome back to our women’s online bible study of Breaking Free Updated Edition by Beth Moore. Last week we studied the heart and in week nine Beth Moore focuses on the mind. In Matthew 22:37, Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ It’s a little challenging to love, if your mind is a battlefield! This week Beth teaches us a 5-step process for battling strongholds. She encourages you to resist shortcuts and complete the daily lessons, beginning to end, in order to benefit most from the week nine study. If you fall behind, that’s just fine, as long as you work through each lesson and don’t give up. If you are just following along reading the blog posts, you are NOT going to get the full benefits of this study. You must do the Breaking Free group study in order to understand what we are experiencing in our online Bible study.
We continue our study of the mind and captivity from strongholds. As Beth says “I’ve learned to dramatically increase my prayer life and time in God’s Word during times when my security is threatened.” We often call on prayer warriors for courage, as we face fear and insecurity. Yet God wants us to turn to Him and call on Him. Neglecting God during crisis, explodes our fear and confusion, when we need Him most. Are you surrendering to Him with your precious fears and insecurity?
At week nine of Breaking Free you may be feeling like the princess in this photo! In God’s book, the princess story has a happy ending as she breaks free from strongholds of captivity as she sets her thoughts on God. Week nine’s lesson was so important and life-changing; it’s worth reading twice if you did not “get it” the first time. Step by step, we are learning to walk the battlefield and we are breaking into freedom. Beth Moore uses visual diagrams and images to help us understand the methods of removing strongholds from our lives. In today’s lesson, we see the truth and learn the skills to re-wallpaper our lives. When we are living in TRUTH we are set free from our captivity. Every lesson this week has been richly filled with knowledge and power to fight strongholds. Each lesson has been important to the next and each lesson has been powerful. Are you still breaking free, releasing strongholds and experiencing God’s amazing and forgiving love for you?
Assignment For the Week
  • Read Session Ten homework
  • Listen to Audio or Video Session Ten (optional due to cost)
Group Discussion- Answer here or with your small group
  1. Are you still waiting to see the first signs of fruit from a previous valley? If so, can you think of ways God could use the lapse of time to bring forth an even greater harvest? (page 196)
  2. Have you experienced temptations and troubling thoughts on the mind when all is quiet and dark? What have you learned from your own victory or defeat? (page 197)
  3. Can you think of an excuse or rationalization that no longer has power over you? Explain. (page 199)
  4. What do you see as the difference between casual thoughts and captivating thoughts? (page 202)
  5. Why do you think we tend to avoid dealing with the high places in our lives? What do you think could happen in our lives and possibly the next generation if we also neglect casting down our high places (strongholds)? (page 204)


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